Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting the views at Olana by Gretchen Kelly

I have started to paint the views at Olana in preparation of the upcoming plein air event. This is the second year it is being held from Oct 3rd to Oct 5th when it culminates in a cocktail hour and auction.
Last year's event was highly successful. The same number of Artists - 35 will be in attendance on the grounds this year and quite a few are new here at the event having heard of it's success last year. It should be a great turnout of Art up at auction. The reception starts at 4pm on Oct 5th with an admission fee of $10. (I think...) Check here for the details on the CCCA website

Panoramic at Olana - 11x15" watercolor
email me to purchase

Hillside view of  Olana - 11x15" watercolor
to purchase email me

sketchbook watercolor of Hillside view of the Hudson at Olana

Sketchbook watercolor Looking East at Olana