Monday, March 17, 2014

Merging my two blogs into one…...

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I am merging all Art posts together and this blog will now serve as an archive from 2009-2013.
I had the two blogs to separate my figurative from my scenic work and now I've decided that it is better to centralize my activities to present a more well rounded view into my Art activities and other stuff too… so come on over by clicking the blue link above and sign up there to continue getting posts.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trio of Hudson River Visions by Gretchen Kelly

I was looking at some old school Hudson River paintings from back in the day.
I felt inspired by them to paint with watercolor and with my own vision.
You could say these are copies with a twist.
They look similar to the originals but they are different.
I was steered by the old master's colors, composition and subject and then
I naturally painted with my own hand. It was a great exercise and I will do
more of these. I think the outcome is pleasing. There is a lot to learn from
copying, although my copies are quite whimsical, rather than exact.
I think that is where artistic license comes in.
Hudson River Vision #1
5"x7" watercolor
Hudson River Vision #2
5"x7" watercolor
Hudson River Vision #3
5"x7" watercolor
These are available to purchase at an online auction site - click the title under each to place a starting bid of $50.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Quartet of Snow Scenes in the Hudson River Valley by Gretchen Kelly

I have finally started to paint some local snow scenes 
that are typical of my locale yet unique
 in the way the paint moves on my favorite Stonehenge paper. 

5/5"x 7/5" watercolor + gouache 

Snow Scene 1

Snow Scene 2
Snow Scene 3
Snow Scene 4

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gretchen Kelly Art on sale at EX-Mass Winter Market with Hudson River Exchange this weekend

Hope to see you at the Ex Mass Winter Market this weekend....I'll be selling handmade cards, prints and originals.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Daydreaming in a Cozy Corner by Gretchen Kelly

Daydreaming in a cozy Corner
11-x15" watercolor + ink
Yesterday I was a docent at the Artswalk group show at the Pocketbook Factory- not a good docent but I was a good Artist, as I was painting the view looking east on the second floor. The light was classic and the distant corners filled with prop furniture were perfectly arranged. I hope to get back there to paint soon. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Olana event: "Creating the landscape within the landscape" en plein air paintings by Gretchen Kelly

I participated in the second Olana en plein air event "Creating the landscape with in the landscape", which was held from Thursday through Saturday midday. The reception viewing and auction were following on Saturday afternoon.  26 top Artists participated and hung paintings which were presented at auction after a well attended viewing cocktail reception at the carriage barn at Olana and hosted by Olana and the Columbia County Council on the Arts. Below are my paintings on site at Olana.

the new view from Crown Hill trail looking towards the barns and on the top of the hill is the mansion

view from across the pond towards Olana in my sketchbook

the view is so much better than the way it came out on my paper

looking over the Hudson towards the Catskills
The rain started and you can see the drops on my paper. I left it this way- like it.

changing clouds with the Catskills peeking through
looking south from the ridge down the river

here's the one I chose to frame for the auction. painted just before sunset with sunrays streaming down....

and one last one during sunset but you can't tell from this photo that it's sunset time.

framed and hanging in the gallery set up before the auction.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Painting the views at Olana by Gretchen Kelly

I have started to paint the views at Olana in preparation of the upcoming plein air event. This is the second year it is being held from Oct 3rd to Oct 5th when it culminates in a cocktail hour and auction.
Last year's event was highly successful. The same number of Artists - 35 will be in attendance on the grounds this year and quite a few are new here at the event having heard of it's success last year. It should be a great turnout of Art up at auction. The reception starts at 4pm on Oct 5th with an admission fee of $10. (I think...) Check here for the details on the CCCA website

Panoramic at Olana - 11x15" watercolor
email me to purchase

Hillside view of  Olana - 11x15" watercolor
to purchase email me

sketchbook watercolor of Hillside view of the Hudson at Olana

Sketchbook watercolor Looking East at Olana

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Out on Warren Street quick sketching the buildings by Gretchen Kelly

As a new practice, I am going out to the streets in town to paint. I want to develop my painting muscles and familiarize myself with the local architecture and people on the street. At the same time I get to be in the rhythm of my town when it's in full swing on a Saturday. Why aren't there any people in these paintings? Umm, I forgot to put them in. I have to do that next time! While I was sitting in the food court there were local musicians playing the congas and accordion - yes, it was the Badillia's. That was very nice background music. I had Indian food for lunch in the court, which is my fave and you can see my on site plein air photos down below. BTW, I always post them to FB as soon as I finish a painting. I get a real thrill outa that. You can follow me on FB as I continue with my plein air painting throughout the year. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work then click to email me

From the Food Court towards Warren Street
7.5"x11" watercolor and graphite

Between the Dot and HOH
7.5"x11" watercolor +ink

Hudson Opera House
7.5"x11" watercolor, graphite + ink

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Plein air painting at Harrier Hill Park overlooking the Hudson River by Gretchen Kelly

Last Saturday I went to a location just north of Hudson in Greenport - Harrier Hill Park which is part of the Columbia Land Conservancy. I have never been there before and couldn't believe it! The span overlooking the Hudson River to the Catskill Mountain range was expansive- very expansive. I stayed a short time in the late afternoon and dashed off to Olana to catch the sunset. Below are my paintings for the afternoon. The three minis are on small scraps of wonderful Stonehenge paper that cannot be wasted. I put all good paper to use and this serves well to do quickie sketches. I will make these available for sale on the Daily Paintworks site - so if interested just click on the titles to take you to the auction site where these will start at the low bid of $75.

Mini view from Harrier Hill with Silo overlooking the Hudson
click to bid
3"x7" watercolor

Mini view from Harrier Hill Park towards the Catskills with speedboat
click to bid
3"x7" watercolor + gouache
Mini view from Olana at dusk
click to bid
3"x7" watercolor + gouache
sketchbook quickie of the view from Harrier Hill Park
View overlooking the Hudson River from Harrier Hill Park
11"x15" watercolor + gouache
Email me if interested in purchasing

Monday, September 2, 2013

Adirondack Plein Air Festival 2013 paintings by Gretchen Kelly

 August 15th -18th in Saranac Lake, marks the third year I have participated in the Adirondacks Plein Air Festival. It is growing larger each year with more Artists coming from near and far. I share a house on Lake Flower with 6 other Artists who are all amazing: Tarryl Gabel, Inge Lincoln, Frances Gaffney, Crista Pisano, Charlie Hunter and Laura Bianco. Many of these Artists are prize winners every year. We have dinners together, we discuss our work at night and throughout the days the comaraderie is something I look forward to each year. Below are my paintings from this year. I spent a lot of time at the Visitor Interpretive Center at Paul Smiths where the trails, marshes and especially Barnum Brook was my favorite site to paint this year. A new site for me was the St Regis waterfall- I love waterfalls and finding new ones is always a thrill. This one had wonderful mists rising from the force of the rushing water.
Barnum Brook Vista- 15"x20" watercolor on handmade paper

On location shot of my painting almost complete.

Sketchbook study of Barnum Brook
on location shot below
Ethereal Brook- 15"x20" watercolor on handmade paper

Sketchbook study of Ethereal Brook

St Regis study- 7"x11" watercolor, ink

St Regis Waterfall Mists- 11"x15" watercolor
below is the on site photo
St Regis Waterfall Splash- 7"x11" watercolor, gouache on Stonehenge paper

Another view of St Regis Waterfall - 11"x15" watercolor, gouache
on site shot below

Over the Marsh (at the VIC in Paul Smiths) 11"x15" watercolor
on site shot at the marsh at Paul Smiths Visitor Center
Sketchbook study of the Marsh at the VIC

Barn in Shadow - 15"x20" watercolor on Stonehenge paper

Moon over Field- 15"x20" watercolor on Stonehenge paper